[Noisebridge-discuss] door button failing

Xander Hudson acet at synoptic.org
Tue Feb 22 22:32:25 UTC 2011

I took the button panel apart and found a wire so corroded that it broke 
off when I took the panel off.  I resoldered that wire (thick black 
one).  That didn't fix the problem.

I squirted some contact cleaner in the button and that did the trick. 
The button works now.  It doesn't work perfectly tho.. I think the 
switch is on its last legs and we should be keeping an eye out for a 

Also, if we weatherproof the switch box that'll make it last longer. 
Right now it's exposed to rain/etc and it shows from the amount of 
corrosion on the contacts.


Jake wrote:
> tonight (sunday) i rang the doorbell repeatedly and got no response.
> I spent a long time trying to get in through my phone, and eventually 
> someone came down the stairs and saw me and let me in on their way out. 
> We tested it at that time and it seemed to work (cause a beep upstairs)
> there were a bunch of people upstairs and they said they hadn't heard it 
> when i pressed it.  I pressed it good at least three or four times, a 
> minute or two apart each time.  I think the button is going bad.  The word 
> around the space was that it was messing up all day, so i'm not the only 
> one.
> i know it's tempting to want to put a big shiny light-up button out there 
> to replace it but please, let's not do that, we don't want every Salvador 
> Dali-Lamer to come pressing our mega-cool arduino-powered button all the 
> time and discovering the magical free world of noisebridge do we?
> So lets just fix the button somehow.
> also, I tried hacking in and discovered that some of the methods listed on 
> the wiki page don't work - like the IP address where you log in as 
> user/live just isn't there (supposed to be at
> -jake
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