[Noisebridge-discuss] RE: colo in and around SF?

Tom bifrost at minions.com
Wed Feb 23 09:25:35 UTC 2011

Most of the suggestions have been pretty reasonable, however I'd offer the 
advice that VM's are flat out pointless for general webhosting. You'd be 
better off getting a "shared" hosting account somewhere and skipping the 
overhead of running a wasted VM. You'll get to miss out on most of the 
annoying things, and only some of the good things.

If you need security, forget VMs or shared hosting, equally worthless.
There are also currently no VM providers that I'd recommend to friends or 
enemies, they're all pretty terrible on a variety of levels.

In terms of Colo in SF proper, there's nothing thats worthwhile unless you 
feel like throwing money out the window. Your options are slim, you'll 
either be at 365 Main, 360 Spear, 200 Paul, 650 Townsend, 630 3rd st, a 
ghetto colo thats not worth anything, or a "special" facility...

You've got to go to the southbay to get anything remotely close to being 
useful, and even then you'll not find a large variety of places that will 
take just 1U. The only large colo I've found that'll still do 1U colo is 
Layer42, but they're pretty darn good. Everyone else will be a reseller of 
Equinix, Coresite, or some other 2nd/3rd tier datacenter, probably not 
worth dealing with.

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