[Noisebridge-discuss] colo in and around SF?

jim jim at systemateka.com
Wed Feb 23 17:28:54 UTC 2011

    a good security approach is not to have anything 
sensitive on your machines. maybe overwrite (reinstall) 
the OS on a regular basis. 
    sonic.net near santa rosa will accommodate a single 
1U colo. san francisco community colocation project 
(SFCCP) has a half rack in monkey brains' sublease area 
in the telx racks at 200 paul. 

On Wed, 2011-02-23 at 01:25 -0800, Tom wrote:
> Most of the suggestions have been pretty reasonable, however I'd offer the 
> advice that VM's are flat out pointless for general webhosting. You'd be 
> better off getting a "shared" hosting account somewhere and skipping the 
> overhead of running a wasted VM. You'll get to miss out on most of the 
> annoying things, and only some of the good things.
> If you need security, forget VMs or shared hosting, equally worthless.
> There are also currently no VM providers that I'd recommend to friends or 
> enemies, they're all pretty terrible on a variety of levels.
> In terms of Colo in SF proper, there's nothing thats worthwhile unless you 
> feel like throwing money out the window. Your options are slim, you'll 
> either be at 365 Main, 360 Spear, 200 Paul, 650 Townsend, 630 3rd st, a 
> ghetto colo thats not worth anything, or a "special" facility...
> You've got to go to the southbay to get anything remotely close to being 
> useful, and even then you'll not find a large variety of places that will 
> take just 1U. The only large colo I've found that'll still do 1U colo is 
> Layer42, but they're pretty darn good. Everyone else will be a reseller of 
> Equinix, Coresite, or some other 2nd/3rd tier datacenter, probably not 
> worth dealing with.
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