[Noisebridge-discuss] Patrick being banned

Miah Johnson miah at chia-pet.org
Wed Feb 23 21:12:12 UTC 2011

Jim, and everybody else who wasn't at the meeting.

If you have a problem with how things happen at the meeting, you should make
more of an effort to attend them. Noisebridge is not the irc channel, or the
mailing list. Meetings are on Tuesday night, somewhere around 7 or 8pm. If
you're a member, show up and provide feedback otherwise you have to trust in
your fellow noisebridge members to make the right decisions for you.

I don't seem to remember anybody defending "a vigilante decision" that was
made over a year ago, without consensus about people smoking certain things
around noisebridge. Though it should be noted that somebodies
personal safety was in question here too as a allergy was present. Of
course, people still bring their dogs to the space, and I seem to remember
this thread earning me a entry on the drama page.

In this case, peoples personal safety was in question, a faster than usual
response was the correct measure to prevent further issues.

I hate posting to this list, it is a cesspool.


jim said some bullshit like:

you didn't follow the normal procedures; you took action
extraordinarily. by definition that's in the neighborhood
of vigilante action. note that so is putting out a fire.
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