[Noisebridge-discuss] Patrick being banned

jim jim at well.com
Wed Feb 23 21:59:14 UTC 2011

    i think that's a wrong message, too. i was sick in 
bed. otherwise i would have been out of town. 
    did you read my earlier email to the effect that 
the group asked for trust until it can provide reasons 
(sounds a bit like j caesar, per w shaksper), to which 
i responded that i will suspend my alarm and trust? 
    note that your message may be interpreted as having 
a tone of anger or offense or some such. 

    those who dislike my use of the term vigilante, 
please consider introspection. 


On Wed, 2011-02-23 at 13:12 -0800, Miah Johnson wrote:
> Jim, and everybody else who wasn't at the meeting.
> If you have a problem with how things happen at the meeting, you
> should make more of an effort to attend them. Noisebridge is not the
> irc channel, or the mailing list. Meetings are on Tuesday night,
> somewhere around 7 or 8pm. If you're a member, show up and provide
> feedback otherwise you have to trust in your fellow noisebridge
> members to make the right decisions for you.
> I don't seem to remember anybody defending "a vigilante decision" that
> was made over a year ago, without consensus about people smoking
> certain things around noisebridge. Though it should be noted that
> somebodies personal safety was in question here too as a allergy was
> present. Of course, people still bring their dogs to the space, and I
> seem to remember this thread earning me a entry on the drama page.
> In this case, peoples personal safety was in question, a faster than
> usual response was the correct measure to prevent further issues.
> I hate posting to this list, it is a cesspool.
> Thanks
> -Miah
> jim said some bullshit like:
> you didn't follow the normal procedures; you took action 
> extraordinarily. by definition that's in the neighborhood 
> of vigilante action. note that so is putting out a fire. 

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