[Noisebridge-discuss] driving multiple LEDs with minimal batteries

jim jim at systemateka.com
Tue Jan 4 21:33:56 UTC 2011

   an LED, depending on its color and brightness 
and a few other things, requires something like 
1.5 to 2 Volts and consumes from 5 to 20 milliamps. 
probably one or two of the coin size batteries will 
be sufficient for a few LEDs. 

On Tue, 2011-01-04 at 12:06 -0800, meredith scheff wrote:
> I'd like to do a soft circuit scarf or three, but I'm always running
> up against the problem of power. I usually use fairly low power LEDs 
> (<2v) driven by a 9v battery or one of sparkfun's LiPos. 
> I've heard tell of somehow being able to power more, but I'm still
> learning this EE stuff. Could some kind person point me in the right
> direction?
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