[Noisebridge-discuss] draft of Signal to Noise, a NB newsletter

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Wed Jan 5 06:13:38 UTC 2011

Danny, this is the best idea on community building I've heard in ages.
I will volunteer to copyedit if you like, and further to encourage you,
once I am well again I will come make something awesome at Noisebridge
so you can write about it!

Nick, there's http://blog.noisebridge.net/, which is an aggregator from
various places... uh, Rubin manages it I'm pretty sure and has been
putting on anyone who asks him.  I think?  I couldn't find any info on
the wiki about this, Rubin or whoever, want to add it?  It doesn't seem
to be used too much, we should get on that!


Nicholas Iannone wrote:
> Love it! read all of it and found out so00 much cool shit! 
> Super informative, really nice work. --i have to say i kind of wish you could do it every week ;)
> I agree about a blog being kind of not as cool.
> Possible digression:  I had a thought today and it recurred as i was reading this, is there any one place where people can put up pictures descriptions, and links of completed projects created at noisebridge? kind of a made at noisebridge feed?
> this might be a spot where a blog might work. 
> Nick
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