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There are some attached questionaires that I can send to any
interested parties.

For the tiny subset of us that fits the age and handedness
requirements, has no piercings, recent tattoos, or history of mental
health problems, this is a great way to get photos of your brain!


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Date: Wed, Jan 5, 2011 at 11:57
Subject: paid fMRI reward study, new timeslots
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I am Elaine Laguerta, a Research Assistant for the D'Esposito Lab at
the Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute. I contacted you a few weeks
ago to inquire if you or someone you know would like to participate in
a paid fMRI study of reward in the brain. I am recontacting you to let
you know about the new sessions I have available. The sessions listed
in the previous email have been taken.

I have the following timeslots available:
Sat, Jan 22 1pm - 3pm and Sun, Jan 23, 1pm - 2pm
Sun, Feb 13 6pm - 8pm and Monday Feb 13 6pm
Sat Feb 26 2pm - 4pm, Sun Feb 27 2pm
Sun Feb 27 1pm - 3pm, Monday Feb 28 1pm - 2pm
Sun Feb 27 3pm - 5pm, Monday Feb 28 3pm - 4pm
Sun Feb 27 5pm - 7pm, Monday Feb 28 5pm - 6pm

Participation and Compensation
Participation involves two consecutive days. The first day involves an
fMRI scan session of your brain lasting about 2 hours. For about 1.5
hours, you will lie in the scanner. About 1/2 hour will involve scans
of you at rest, simply lying down still and relaxed. For 50 minutes
while in the scanner, you will play a computer game, and for certain
trials of the game, you can earn money. At the end of the session, you
will receive in cash what you earned during the game. The average so
far has been $35 - $40 for the session. If you like, I will also give
you a picture of your brain. While the picture is not acceptable for
most forms of identification, it is for most people quite flattering,
though a bit revealing.

The second day involves a self-paced computer test, for which you will
be compensated for time at $15/hr. Most participants have finished in
1/2 hour.

Schedule and Location
Both sessions must take place at the same time on two consecutive
days. For example, you could come in for your scan from 3pm - 5pm on
the first day, and for your computer test at 3pm the very next day.
Our scanner is located at Wellman Courtyard, just west of Giannini
Hall. For the second day, you will be asked to take the computer test
in 132 Barker Hall.

Eligibility Requirements
We are recruiting participants who meet the following requirements:

-    Healthy
-    Age 20-35
-    Right-handed
-    No metal in your body
-    No history of neurological or psychiatric disorders including
concussion, phobias, etc.
-    No medication affecting the central nervous system (please
contact me if you are unsure)
-    No tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
-    No claustrophobia
-    No tattoos received in the last three months
-    Not pregnant (women will be asked to take a test on day 1)

-    No excessive alcohol consumption on the evenings before your
session (1-2 glasses are ok)
-    No recent drug use
-    Get a good night's rest and avoid any major changes to your daily
habits, such as your diet or caffeine consumption

If you would like to participate, please email me with all the time
slots you would be available to participate. Then, please fill out the
two attached questionnaires and e-mail them back to me. You must email
me these questionnaires so I can be sure you are eligible to
participate. I will then follow up with your final scheduled sessions.

Scanner time is valuable and in high demand. If you do confirm a spot
for this study, please commit to participating. If you cancel your
participation without advance notice, it is probable that I will be
unable to find a replacement for you. Also, other researchers would
not have enough time to schedule their own subject for your slot.
Thus, our research is billed for the scanner time even though the
scanner was unused during your slot. If you MUST cancel, I would very
much appreciate if you have an eligible replacement for yourself and
you give as much notice as possible.

Also attached is an MRI information sheet. Please don't hesitate to
contact me if you have any questions about the procedures of this

Elaine Laguerta

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