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John Law is a Bay Area cultural treasure and a reality hacker
extraordinaire. He's already jammed the dominant paradigm in ways you would
recognize; his genius is that you don't know it was him. Worth it.

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Law and friends.
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*by urban explorers JONATHAN HAEBER AND JOHN LAW*

*Chez Poulet Gallery*

*3359 Cesar Chavez St, San Francisco*

*Thursday, January 6**th**, 2011 at 8 p.m.*

*$10 admission at the door*


*Two Explorers Present Books and Images from 30 Years of Infiltration

San Francisco, CA – December 21, 2010 *– John Law and Jonathan Haeber are a
generation apart but they have a*

*common interest. Their exploits have taken them from the top of the Golden
Gate Bridge, to the depths of*

*underground nuclear missile bases, to the now-dismantled Neverland Ranch.
On January 6**th **at 8 p.m. the two*

*aficionados of infrastructure and building hacking will talk about their
books and present images from a combined*

*30-year saga of photographing and exploring the off-limits sections of the
Bay Area’s built environment.*

*Law is best-known as a founder of such avant-garde San Francisco
institutions as the Cacophony Society and*

*Burning Man. He was a charter initiate into the Suicide Club, and recently
published *The Space Between *(**Furnace*

*Press, 2008, ISBN 978-0-9772742-4-1**).*

*Haeber has been visiting restricted and abandoned sites for over a decade.
In 2009, his nighttime photos of*

*Neverland Ranch were viewed by millions, gaining new meaning upon the death
of Michael Jackson and the*

*dismantlement and liquidation of the theme park. Haeber’s work has appeared
in The New Yorker online, CNN,*

*NBC, CBS, ABC, *Der Spiegel*, the *San Francisco Chronicle*, and *National
Geographic News*. His book, *Grossinger’s:

City of Refuge and Illusion *(**Furnace Press, 2010, ISBN 978-0-9772742-8-4*
*) tells the story of America’s most iconic*

*Catskills institution – a city unto itself that has remained decaying after
the 1986 bankruptcy of the pleasure resort.*

*“At the heart of what I do is a deep commitment to discovery and
adventure,” said Haeber. “John has been a*

*pioneer in redefining what discovery means over a century after Frederick
Jackson Turner declared the death of the*

*frontier, and I’m honored to be speaking with him.”*

*Law and Haeber will be presenting their images and signing copies of their
books at Chez Poulet Gallery (3359*

*Cesar Chavez St, San Francisco) at 8 p.m. on Thursday, January 6**th**,
2010. You can also purchase the books directly*

*from **Furnace Press**.*


*Julia Solis*

*solis at furnacepress.com*

*1205 Manhattan Avenue, Unit 1212*

*Brooklyn, NY 11222*


*Reviews for The Space Between*

*"Great stories, told by someone who had to have been there. Full of
concrete detail and fantasmagoric descriptions,*

*unforgettable experiences that somehow seem authentic, not merely the
product of a writer's imagination. Taps*

*the source and wellsprings of the darkest humor ever invented since the
world began."*

*– V. Vale, Re/Search Publications*

*"These tales sparkle with dark details earned during a lifetime spent
scrambling in the girders, dodging the*

*authorities, looking down on the cities of the world from an eagle's

*– Don Herron, Author, *Willeford

*Reviews for Grossinger’s: City of Refuge and Illusion*

*Jon Haeber’s cat burglar-like ability to slip into abandoned sites,
combined with his scholarly quest to understand*

*the history of the places he visits, makes him the consummate urban
explorer. This project, with its palpable sense*

*of obsession, is exactly what an urbex book should be: A love letter to
culture and history lost, and a chronicle of an*

*adventurous journey into a forgotten world few ever get to see.*

*– Troy Paiva, author of *Lost America, The Abandoned Roadside West *and *Night
Vision, The Art of Urban


*"I would like to believe that my Grandmother Jennie, the person most
identified with and committed to the*

*conventional success and maintenance of this property... would have been
shocked by the demise... but, after one*

*viewing of Jon’s portfolio and a moment’s contemplation, would have shaken
his hand and, with tears in her eyes,*

*thanked him for preserving the integrity and dignity of her manor."*

*- Richard Grossinger, author of *Out of Babylon: Ghosts of Grossinger's

*Images – High Resolution Available by Request*

*A selection of images may be viewed at:*


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