[Noisebridge-discuss] FUD Free Laser Cutter, talk, Tuesday, Jan 18th

Corey McGuire coreyfro at coreyfro.com
Mon Jan 10 01:40:31 UTC 2011

I got some valid criticism from someone stating that putting my fingers in
my ears about this subject seems counter productive.  I will give them that
it quiets us of new ideas.  But so far, I haven't heard anything new.  This
is twice, thrice ploughed ground.

The ideas are:

   - Should we get a cheap option and if it breaks, hack it
   - Should we lease an expensive option which puts us at the mercy of the
   leasing company, but gives us an exit.
   - Should we buy an expensive option and hope someone doesn't break it.
   (expensive is $8k, $15k tops)
   - Should we just make a deal with the new Techshop and hope that their
   growing community doesn't make competing for these resources too time
   restrictive. (remember, they JUST opened.  If past is prologue, then the
   free time will not last long, and I think the SF shop will have fewer
   available resources since it is smaller and closer to a large maker
   community than the Menlo Park shop)
   - Should we get one in a private space and run noisebridgers through a
   short course when they want to use it (alla techshop, but ours)
   - Can we trust people with a frick'n laser
   - Do we have enough money to protect the initial investment and maintain
   - Who's going to put their name down and take liability if there is any
   - Will the laser engraver do what people expect it to
   - How do we make sure that people use it responsibly
   - How do we keep noisebridge open and trust people with no experience to
   use the machine and not fuck it up
   - Do we try to use it to pay for its self somehow

Have I missed anything?

These are all valid.  I agree with them all.  I just don't think they are
new.  I think it's time to talk about it in person.  Not as people madly
writing essays...again...and submitting them to be critiqued for punctuation
and grammar and snarky application of LOL-Cat-ese.

Maybe I'm a dick head, maybe this time it will be me fucking up the
Laserbridge idea.  I am just trying to get past the email torrent phase
earlier this time.  Fast Forward to beer and discussion.

For those that can't make it Tuesday, the 18th, let's pick another day.  I
just wanted to plant a flag in the earth saying, "I'm not trying to kill
conversation indefinitely, I'm am committing to cultivating a conversation,
soon, where people can make decisions."  I picked Tuesday because that is
when NB meets, anyway, with all sorts of decision making, community tool
experienced people.

Noone has done anything wrong, except for maybe me by being a dickhead.  I
just don't want to see this get hammered to death with FUD again.  I want to
see it have a chance.

I have gotten comments from people saying, "Their FUD is wrong, silly
people, but my FUD is right."  All the FUD is right.  It's just cranked to

So lets keep the blood out of our Alcohol systems while we decide how to be
irresponsible with high power energy weapons.

Remember, do not look in to laser with remaining good eye.

On Sun, Jan 9, 2011 at 2:14 PM, Corey McGuire <coreyfro at coreyfro.com> wrote:

> Listen folks,
> FUD.  FUD is the word of the day.  All I here is "I wanna laser engraver"
> and "FUD! FUD FUD FUD! FUD FUD FUD FUD FUD!" and then we don't get one.
> I want to address all the concerns with what I know, what you know, and I
> want to get a dialogue going, but I don't want this tool that everyone wants
> to be a big FUD Punching bag.
> I am not saying your concerns are invalid, but I am saying that if we bury
> all of our wishes in FUD, we won't get anything.
> There is a lot of reality involved with getting a Laser Engraver, but the
> FUD I am seeing is unrealistic.
> Lets get together, over beer, list out the concerns, address them one by
> one, talk about the options our list presents us, and then go about getting
> it.
> Because, until we meet, over beer that I am buying, I am going to ignore
> all the concerns and return to my happy bubble filled world.
> People, you all have good ideas, but they are being presented in a
> sensational way.  I am doing this as well so I am not innocent.  Ultimately,
> this is going to lead to people being too afraid to get anything and then
> baby Jesus is going to cry.
> Did I mention I am not just going to drown my problems in beer, but yours
> as well?
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