[Noisebridge-discuss] FUD Free Laser Cutter, talk, Tuesday, Jan 18th

jim jim at systemateka.com
Mon Jan 10 02:54:58 UTC 2011

   can we go somewhere and rent one for some 
particular purpose? 
   that'd leave planning, research, etc. for 
here at NB with just a trip to the actual 
doing place. 

On Sun, 2011-01-09 at 17:40 -0800, Corey McGuire wrote:
> I got some valid criticism from someone stating that putting my
> fingers in my ears about this subject seems counter productive.  I
> will give them that it quiets us of new ideas.  But so far, I haven't
> heard anything new.  This is twice, thrice ploughed ground.
> The ideas are:
>       * Should we get a cheap option and if it breaks, hack it
>       * Should we lease an expensive option which puts us at the mercy
>         of the leasing company, but gives us an exit.
>       * Should we buy an expensive option and hope someone doesn't
>         break it. (expensive is $8k, $15k tops)
>       * Should we just make a deal with the new Techshop and hope that
>         their growing community doesn't make competing for these
>         resources too time restrictive. (remember, they JUST opened.
>         If past is prologue, then the free time will not last long,
>         and I think the SF shop will have fewer available resources
>         since it is smaller and closer to a large maker community than
>         the Menlo Park shop)
>       * Should we get one in a private space and run noisebridgers
>         through a short course when they want to use it (alla
>         techshop, but ours)
>       * Can we trust people with a frick'n laser
>       * Do we have enough money to protect the initial investment and
>         maintain it
>       * Who's going to put their name down and take liability if there
>         is any
>       * Will the laser engraver do what people expect it to
>       * How do we make sure that people use it responsibly
>       * How do we keep noisebridge open and trust people with no
>         experience to use the machine and not fuck it up
>       * Do we try to use it to pay for its self somehow
> Have I missed anything?
> These are all valid.  I agree with them all.  I just don't think they
> are new.  I think it's time to talk about it in person.  Not as people
> madly writing essays...again...and submitting them to be critiqued for
> punctuation and grammar and snarky application of LOL-Cat-ese.
> Maybe I'm a dick head, maybe this time it will be me fucking up the
> Laserbridge idea.  I am just trying to get past the email torrent
> phase earlier this time.  Fast Forward to beer and discussion.
> For those that can't make it Tuesday, the 18th, let's pick another
> day.  I just wanted to plant a flag in the earth saying, "I'm not
> trying to kill conversation indefinitely, I'm am committing to
> cultivating a conversation, soon, where people can make decisions."  I
> picked Tuesday because that is when NB meets, anyway, with all sorts
> of decision making, community tool experienced people.
> Noone has done anything wrong, except for maybe me by being a
> dickhead.  I just don't want to see this get hammered to death with
> FUD again.  I want to see it have a chance.
> I have gotten comments from people saying, "Their FUD is wrong, silly
> people, but my FUD is right."  All the FUD is right.  It's just
> cranked to 11.
> So lets keep the blood out of our Alcohol systems while we decide how
> to be irresponsible with high power energy weapons.
> Remember, do not look in to laser with remaining good eye.
> On Sun, Jan 9, 2011 at 2:14 PM, Corey McGuire <coreyfro at coreyfro.com>
> wrote:
>         Listen folks,
>         FUD.  FUD is the word of the day.  All I here is "I wanna
>         laser engraver" and "FUD! FUD FUD FUD! FUD FUD FUD FUD FUD!"
>         and then we don't get one.
>         I want to address all the concerns with what I know, what you
>         know, and I want to get a dialogue going, but I don't want
>         this tool that everyone wants to be a big FUD Punching bag.
>         I am not saying your concerns are invalid, but I am saying
>         that if we bury all of our wishes in FUD, we won't get
>         anything.
>         There is a lot of reality involved with getting a Laser
>         Engraver, but the FUD I am seeing is unrealistic.
>         Lets get together, over beer, list out the concerns, address
>         them one by one, talk about the options our list presents us,
>         and then go about getting it.
>         Because, until we meet, over beer that I am buying, I am going
>         to ignore all the concerns and return to my happy bubble
>         filled world.
>         People, you all have good ideas, but they are being presented
>         in a sensational way.  I am doing this as well so I am not
>         innocent.  Ultimately, this is going to lead to people being
>         too afraid to get anything and then baby Jesus is going to
>         cry.
>         Did I mention I am not just going to drown my problems in
>         beer, but yours as well?
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