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Josh Myer josh at joshisanerd.com
Tue Jan 11 00:23:54 UTC 2011

Dearest Patrick,

I understand that you can't fathom that Noisebridge isn't a business.  We've
explained this to you several times over, but you continue to press the
point, which is getting tiresome and annoying.  The fact that you continue
pushing on it suggests that you're having a hard time accepting the world
around you as it is, instead of as you believe it should be.  This is a
common enough problem, and there are many ways to overcome it (Cognitive
Behavioral Therapy, Stoicism, Buddhism, and even Christianity all have
useful perspectives).

Moreover, your tone is inflammatory; you may mean it to be "friendly jabs,"
but it's not.  It comes across as condescending, impatient, and whiny.

Noisebridge is not a business.  Noisebridge will never be a business, no
matter how much you poke and prod at it.  You're not being helpful by
pointing out that it's not a business and showing us all how to make it more
like a business.

Please, spend time observing how Noisebridge runs itself, before trying to
be helpful.  If you can't come to Noisebridge wanting to understand how it
works, and instead want to come and run the place, I invite you to find your
own warehouse space, assemble your own group of like-minded people, and file
your own 501(c)(3) paperwork.  It seems like you believe you're much more
capable to do this than any of us, and I would be thrilled to learn from
your success.

Until then, please, relax, sit back, and roll with the vaguely-coherent
chaos that is Noisebridge.  If this disorder is unsettling or disturbing to
you (which I believe it is), I think you'd benefit greatly from learning to
accept it.  And, if you can't, Noisebridge is probably a very negative place
for you to be spending your time and energy, as we're not going to change
for you.

Cuddles and Bunnies,
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