[Noisebridge-discuss] 2010 taxes

rkt88edmo rkt88edmo at gmail.com
Thu Jan 13 23:25:28 UTC 2011

I do tax work for a living but don't specialize in indivdual taxation
and am not a member but have been to the space.

Since you didn't receive any goods or services from Noisebridge that
aren't available to the general public you do not need to reduce your
charitable donation deduction.  I wouldn't bother with assigning shelf
space a dollar value unless "Noisebridge-the-official-legal-entity"
makes a policy to do so or you really feel that it really is of
substantial monetary value.

Given the full membership rate I would encourge anyone who itemizes
their deductions and who will deduct their Noisebridge membership dues
to document the transactions and obtain the tax ID number of
Noisebridge.  Even better would be a letter or receipt from
Noisebridge with letterhead stating it is 501(c)3, including the TIN
documenting amount of cash or cash value of property contributed;
which I would hope you could obtain be if you do-ocratically drafted
it yourself and present it to the treasurer via email or at a meeting.
 If you did either of those I doubt any CPA would have trouble with
you taking the donation.

I can answer questions offline if you have any.

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