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non-members are allowed to have shelves.

On Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 3:25 PM, rkt88edmo <rkt88edmo at gmail.com> wrote:

> I do tax work for a living but don't specialize in indivdual taxation
> and am not a member but have been to the space.
> Since you didn't receive any goods or services from Noisebridge that
> aren't available to the general public you do not need to reduce your
> charitable donation deduction.  I wouldn't bother with assigning shelf
> space a dollar value unless "Noisebridge-the-official-legal-entity"
> makes a policy to do so or you really feel that it really is of
> substantial monetary value.
> Given the full membership rate I would encourge anyone who itemizes
> their deductions and who will deduct their Noisebridge membership dues
> to document the transactions and obtain the tax ID number of
> Noisebridge.  Even better would be a letter or receipt from
> Noisebridge with letterhead stating it is 501(c)3, including the TIN
> documenting amount of cash or cash value of property contributed;
> which I would hope you could obtain be if you do-ocratically drafted
> it yourself and present it to the treasurer via email or at a meeting.
>  If you did either of those I doubt any CPA would have trouble with
> you taking the donation.
> I can answer questions offline if you have any.
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