[Noisebridge-discuss] about jim

jim jim at systemateka.com
Tue Jan 18 19:34:09 UTC 2011

   Someone nominated me and I said "okay". I see the 
board of directors as a job that has to be done. I like 
random selection rather than voting, but here we are, 
so here's about me: 

   I care about the infrastructure (tools, supplies...) 
and taking care of the place (chores such as cleaning 
and improving things). 
   I like consensus because its purpose is to protect 
a minority's interests against "the tyranny of the 
majority." I don't think we've actually come to terms 
with that as well as we should, I think it would be 
good if we improve on that front, ergo: let's keep it, 
we need the practice. 
   I like a do-nothing direction to the board. 
Encouragement is a good way to get things going, as 
is starting things and persisting and asking for help. 
   A messy politic (group dynamic) presents a good 
opportunity to discover why various people do the things 
they do; I think there's stuff to be learned. 

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