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Zach . organic_unity at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 24 06:46:11 UTC 2011

Hey folks, 

   Zach here and this is my first attempt at posting to the email list.  I'm writing this because I believe we desperately need a new multimeter to work with and am not sure how to go about the process of noisebridge getting one.  But allow me to explain first...

noisebridge used to have a very nice Fluke multimeter that went missing some months ago.  I have looked all over for it but it has yet to turn up.  I am in the process of repairing some LCDs for noisebridge (got one working already) and could be saved a great deal of time and effort with a better multimeter.  The best one we have now is a "Vichy" brand.  I personally find it incredibly low quality and a very large pain to use.  And its capacitance readout maxes out under 400uf...which is a joke.

I recommend we collect donations for this very important electrical tool for the benefit of noisebridge and everyone else at the space.  Great Fluke meters are inexpensive these days and a quick ebay search pulls up one at a good price:


the Fluke 175 is a superb meter measuring capacitance to 10,000uf or TWENTY TIMES higher than our current best meter.  This will make repairs far easier.  It also has RMS frequency reading, high voltage (600v), and is far more accurate.  It also reads more than twice as fast.

so....what do people think?  sorry I don't know how this process is supposed to work, people just told me to post to the list so here I am...


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