[Noisebridge-discuss] circuit hacking equipment funds jar - something that might work

Patrick Keys citizenkeys at gmail.com
Tue Jan 25 09:26:33 UTC 2011

To back away one step from the "we need a multimeter problem", one 
approach that seems to consistently works at Noisebridge is donations 
jars with a dedicated purpose.  whereas the big clear acrylic cube is 
for general noisebridge funds, dedicated jars clearly labeled also seem 
to work for tastebridge, snack funds, and drink funds (drink funds go in 
the vending machine, not a jar, but it's the same concept).

setting up a "circuit hacking equipment fund" donations jar that is 
clearly labeld and has its own wiki page explaining that donations are 
specifically for purchasing more circuit hacking equipment might be a 
good idea.  a few bucks here and there in donations and there'd be money 
to fund the multimeter and other projects in no time.  somebody just 
needs to take the initiative to pioneer such a project.

just an idea.


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