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Jesse Welz welzart at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 25 12:57:22 UTC 2011

That's annoying. One minute my Gmail works on here the next minute it doesn't. Here is the message I tried to send through Gmail, please excuse the messed up, stretched way to the right formatting of yahoo mail.


Hi David,

I am not sure if I can be of help here but I actually just got Drupal

7 up and running like yesterday. I was having a very similar issue

installing Drupal 7. After setting up the database and stuff I would

go ahead and when it was suppose to be configuring the site the page

would go white. Then, if I tried to reload the site in my browser it

would have a weird Drupal looking home page that was asking me to log

in but I hadn't created an admin user yet. I would try and create a

user and it would say something to effect of "please contact the

admin." I googled it for a while and found that it may be some issue

with the PHP max memory. I couldn't figure out how to resolve this by

myself because I'm a total NOOB so I consulted the fine folks at

Laughing Squid, my host. All that needed to be done was to add to the

.htaccess file (which is hidden) a line like this: php_value

memory_limit 64M. If you are not a noob like me then all this

information is superfluous but I'm a bit of a long winded noob so bare

with me here. You may have another issue than my particular issue so

before they helped me with this they turned on PHP logging to find out

exactly what was hanging up the install. I believe Laughing Squid is

using Apache so hopefully it is similar to Nginx. I was so frustrated

at first I tried installing Drupal 6 and it worked perfectly. The

default PHP max memory on their servers is 8M so apparently Drupal 7

needs more than 8M. I hope this helps you out. I was very excited to

get it working and Drupal 7 looks all fancy and new.

I should probably try and be more succinct with my emails because they

always end up being really long and people probably barely make it

half way through them but I just can't help myself. Also it's 4:20 in

the morning and I'm loopy.




(the artist formerly known as Jesse)

On Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 3:38 AM, Davidfine <d at vidfine.com> wrote:

> Anyone been able to setup drupal 7 under Nginx? I'm sooo close, but the

> install.php hangs somewhere between "installing profile" and

> "configuring site".  If I interrupt it i get what looks like a drupal

> site, but I never get a chance to configure a user to log in to it. I

> really want the install to complete normally.

> I've googled a lot for help, I've 777'd out of desperation, I just can't

> seem to get past this step. I'm like _this_ close to going back to

> Drupal6 on apache... help?

> --D

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