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Davidfine d at vidfine.com
Tue Jan 25 18:41:06 UTC 2011

OMGBBQthx Jesse ur my hero today! Nginx passes php stuff to fastcgi, and 
it has a setting called memory_limit in /etc/php5/fpm/php.ini - I had 
set it to 32M because the vhost only has 256M and why the heck would a 
little site need more than that (right?)- I mean, drupal shows that 
memory setting on the first page and it would complain if there wasn't 
enough (right?)-  So I set it to 128M per instance and in 
/etc/php5/fpm/pool.d/www.conf  I spawn only 2 instances of php5-fpm 
during the install and it let me complete the configuration~ WOOOO
My head still hurts from banging it against my little LCD (and from lack 
of sleep) but now the healing can begin.
Guess I should optimize resource use _after_ everything is installed 
next time!
Gonna go break some more stuff by enabling caching :) TTFN

On 1/25/2011 4:27 AM, Jesse welz wrote:
> Hi David,
> I am not sure if I can be of help here but I actually just got Drupal
> 7 up and running like yesterday. I was having a very similar issue
> installing Drupal 7. After setting up the database and stuff I would
> go ahead and when it was suppose to be configuring the site the page
> would go white. Then, if I tried to reload the site in my browser it
> would have a weird Drupal looking home page that was asking me to log
> in but I hadn't created an admin user yet. I would try and create a
> user and it would say something to effect of "please contact the
> admin." I googled it for a while and found that it may be some issue
> with the PHP max memory. I couldn't figure out how to resolve this by
> myself because I'm a total NOOB so I consulted the fine folks at
> Laughing Squid, my host. All that needed to be done was to add to the
> .htaccess file (which is hidden) a line like this: php_value
> memory_limit 64M. If you are not a noob like me then all this
> information is superfluous but I'm a bit of a long winded noob so bare
> with me here. You may have another issue than my particular issue so
> before they helped me with this they turned on PHP logging to find out
> exactly what was hanging up the install. I believe Laughing Squid is
> using Apache so hopefully it is similar to Nginx. I was so frustrated
> at first I tried installing Drupal 6 and it worked perfectly. The
> default PHP max memory on their servers is 8M so apparently Drupal 7
> needs more than 8M. I hope this helps you out. I was very excited to
> get it working and Drupal 7 looks all fancy and new.
> I should probably try and be more succinct with my emails because they
> always end up being really long and people probably barely make it
> half way through them but I just can't help myself. Also it's 4:20 in
> the morning and I'm loopy.
> Best,
> Gescykae
> 'Jessica'
> (the artist formerly known as Jesse)
> On Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 3:38 AM, Davidfine<d at vidfine.com>  wrote:
>> Anyone been able to setup drupal 7 under Nginx? I'm sooo close, but the
>> install.php hangs somewhere between "installing profile" and
>> "configuring site".  If I interrupt it i get what looks like a drupal
>> site, but I never get a chance to configure a user to log in to it. I
>> really want the install to complete normally.
>> I've googled a lot for help, I've 777'd out of desperation, I just can't
>> seem to get past this step. I'm like _this_ close to going back to
>> Drupal6 on apache... help?
>> --D
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