[Noisebridge-discuss] I want to make an Eckbox and I need help

Dr. Jesus j at hug.gs
Thu Jan 27 03:03:35 UTC 2011

On Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 10:36 PM, Emmy Chaos
<superspamilicious at gmail.com> wrote:
> Eckbox ( http://eckbox.sourceforge.net ) is an open source implimentation of
> Van Eck phreaking. Van Eck phreaking is capturing electromagnetic emissions
> from a computer monitor to eavesdrop. I want to make it clear that if I make
> an Eckbox, I don't intend to use it to spy on people. I want to protect my
> own computers from this attack and feel I need a Van Eck phreaking device to
> check the effectiveness of things I try. The author of the Eckbox software
> says it doesn't work from a long distance, so I don't think I could use it
> to eavesdrop even if I wanted to.
> I'm having a difficult time trying to figure out how exactly to put together
> the hardware. I think the most useful sort of help I could recieve would be
> if someone could tell me what I should be reading or doing to learn the
> things I need to learn to understand this. I'm going to explain now exactly
> what problems I'm having.
> I bought an analog digitalĀ converterĀ (I don't have it yet, it's in the
> mail), but it doesn't meet the requirements described on the Eckbox site.
> Specifically, the site says I should get an ADC with a high sample rate,
> recommending 1 GSPS, in DIP format. I couldn't find ADCs with anywhere near
> that sampling rate in DIP format. I bought an ADC with the best sampling
> rate I could afford (200 MSPS, I'm cheap), and it is in TSSOP format. I
> don't understand how I'm going to power the ADC, and I don't understand a
> lot of the stuff in the documentation for the ADC (
> http://www.national.com/ds/AD/ADC08200.pdf ). I'm also supposed to get a
> breadboard, but I don't know what kind of breadboard to buy or how to use a
> breadboard.
> If someone can help me figure this out, thank you. I feel like an idiot
> admitting I don't know how to use a breadboard.

The eckbox hardware page is nonsense.  FM is 200 KHz bandwidth, max.
Nearly all FM radios further limit the bandwidth.  A video signal will
never pass through a FM radio.

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