[Noisebridge-discuss] [off-topic] Anyone familiar with Lyon-Martin, the health clinic in need of help?

rachel lyra hospodar rachelyra at gmail.com
Sun Jan 30 19:05:57 UTC 2011

That's my clinic! When I started in SF's poor people health insurance plan,
I was at another clinic where they were giving me flat-out-wrong medical
information & not really listening to me or my symptoms. Lyon Martin saved
me. What's most remarkable about that place is how genuinely compassionate
the entire staff is.  They are doing it because they care & want you to feel
better.  As a basically untestable-symptom chronically-ill person, having a
medical care provider who listens and incorporates what I tell them into my
treatment is pretty crucial to my health & well-being.

Recently, when MRSA was eating my arm at a few-inches-an-hour rate, and then
later when I had an allergic reaction to my antibiotics, LM was able to see
me quickly, diagnose me properly, and advise me well.

I am pretty crushed that it's closing (after 30 years!) and urge anyone who
cares about the health of the genderqueer community to support them.  I am
the most sad to think about all of their trans patients who will now have to
figure out how to navigate a different, much less sympathetic medical


On Jan 30, 2011 1:35 AM, "Elizabeth Sarah Quirk Goodman" <
elizabethsqg at gmail.com> wrote:
> I know this has nothing to do with Noisebridge, but it's a shot to see if
> someone knows within a very short turnaround time: has anyone been to the
> clinic Lyon-Martin, or can you otherwise relate positive or negative
> about it?
> It's about to die this month, but not if it gets enough donations; knowing
> little about it except what it says (and outside confirmation that its
> founders were the first same-sex couple to marry in California, great LGBT
> activists in general which might or might not make it more important), I'm
> unsure whether to donate.
> http://www.lyon-martin.org/
> Best,
> Quirk
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