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Robert Fletcher lobatifricha at gmail.com
Mon Jan 31 06:23:47 UTC 2011

Thanks Casey, you saved the day.  I wasn't looking forward to dismantling my

On Tue, Jan 18, 2011 at 3:02 PM, Casey Callendrello <c1 at caseyc.net> wrote:

>  Before you go JTAG crazy, you might have an easier option, which has saved
> me in the past. On booting, the WRT54G will wait 1 second on the most
> recently configured IP address for a TFTP PUT. On getting one, it will
> accept a TFTP transfer and load it in to firmware. If it doesn't receive
> one, it will attempt to boot via the traditional method. I've successfully
> de-bricked a router twice using this option.
> There is a more formal wiki introduction here:
> http://oldwiki.openwrt.org/OpenWrtDocs%282f%29Installing%282f%29TFTP.html,
> but all you need to do is (on a linux and macos box)
> 1) Hardcode your wired interface to something like
> 2) Type the following
> tftp
> binary
> rexmt 1
> timeout 60
> trace
> 3) Type this command but don't hit enter
> tftp> put $FILENAME.bin
> Hit enter and power up the router at about the same time; tftp will
> constantly re-try.  It might take a few tries to win the race, so don't get
> discouraged. I highly suggest using the vanilla Linksys firmware for this
> :-).
> Best of luck!
> --Casey
> On 01/18/2011 11:30 AM, Robert Fletcher wrote:
> Hey All,
> So I was trying to install DD-WRT on our router and managed to brick it.
> This wasn't entirely unexpected as it was pretty much a last resort to try
> and get it working before buying a new one, which I did.  But I thought if
> anybody knew how to unbrick it I would love to learn.  From my cursory
> readings online it apparently requires opening it and doing something
> related to the acronym JTAG, but that's where things start to get fuzzy for
> me.  Does anybody have any experience with this and is willing to teach me?
> It's a Linksys WRT54G.
> Thanks,
> Robert
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