[Noisebridge-discuss] more member shelves = more happy members = more NB income

Jared Dunne jareddunne at gmail.com
Mon Jan 31 21:24:46 UTC 2011

Sure, Patrick could tackle this autonomously and alone, but it seems
that putting this through the Consensus process might help it be more

- It sounds like Patrick wants membership to be behind any changes he makes.
- It seems like this is a big enough project where Patrick needs help
making it happen, and what better way to find common ground with other
stakeholders than through consensus.
- Since part of Patrick's idea was to make more efficient use of the
shelving already present, it seems like current shelf holders would
appreciate being given an opportunity to downsize/relocate their shelf
space with out having Patrick making those decisions entirely for

A consensus hacking note, I've been meaning to bring up... When people
propose ideas on list or in meetings, there seems to be "this is a
doacracy" meme with which people reply knee-jerk.  If people choose to
seek out consensus before they act in way that might step on toes
(cause drama), I think they should be applauded.  If no one cares
about it enough to block the final proposal or help out, then the
proposal can revert back to the 'do-acracy' mindset.


On Sun, Jan 30, 2011 at 11:34 PM, Patrick Keys <citizenkeys at gmail.com> wrote:
> More Member Shelves
> -----------------------
> noisebridge could use more member shelves.
> more member shelves means we could accomodate more members and thereby
> have more membership income (theoretically).
> One Size Does Not Fit All
> --------------------------
> personally, i think we could accomodate everybody better if we had
> different sized shelves.
> people that don't need much space could use smaller shelves.
> people that need more space could use bigger shelves.
> think of the shelves like post office boxes, with smaller ones higher up
> and larger ones for heavier stuff closer to the ground.
> Safety In Numbers
> ---------------------------
> we could number the shelves, thereby making it easier to at least know
> who has what shelf.
> numbers are also more anonymous than having to write your name on the shelf.
> You know what number shelf your stuff is in and nobody else does (unless
> they physically see you come and go from the shelf).
> Out of Sight, Out of Mind
> ---------------------------
> shannon had mentioned making shelves way back when with doors on them.
> with doors on the shelves, they could be BYOL ("bring your own lock").
> also, having shelves with doors makes stuff "out of sight, out of mind"
> for anybody with sticky fingers.
> Hack Shelf
> --------------------------
> The hack shelf shares the space with the member shelves right now.
> Moving the hack shelf separate from the member shelves might result in
> stuff on the hack shelf getting used more often, which would be a good
> thing.
> Consensing on a Plan
> --------------------------
> If we can consense on a plan for new, improved member shelves, then we
> can organize the budget and resources necessary to get the job done.
> Then its simply a matter of getting them built and installed.
> Feedback
> --------------------------
> Anybody have any comments about new/improved/increased member shelves?
> Patrick
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