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Might have been mentioned before, but  http://www.radioshackcatalogs.com/
At 5:50pm on a Sunday in San Francisco, RS gaveth an odd-sized barrel connector for a Canon D-10 waterproof camera and an LM317. Good enough for me..
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>Oh yeah I know about those drawers. But they're a far cry from what radio shack apparently used to stock. I always hear stories from older people about how they learned electronics from a heathkit they bought at Radio Shack. I'd love it if they started carrying arduinos and sparkfun retail products and all that stuff, and taught a new generation of hacker types.
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>>> Hah, I liked the part about the "special memory" of radio shack we hackers
>>> have. "Special" in that radio shack abandoned hackers to sell cell phones.
>>A little-known fact is that every Rat Shack (to my knowledge) has in
>>the back a large gray cabinet with a couple dozen drawers, filled with
>>assorted resistors, transistors, LEDs, and other components. This can
>>be quite helpful if you're trying to finish a project at 6 on a Sunday
>>evening out in East Bumfuck, Pennsylvania, for instance.
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