[Noisebridge-discuss] Buying lockers for Noisebridge.

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Refer to long-ass discussion in
this topic, blah blah blah.

One person made the same offer to buy lockers and then charge people for use
until he made back the cost, and though the offer was shot down mostly
because some people threatened to dismantle the lockers if they were
purchased, some people (like me) were unsettled with having said person the
"gatekeeper" for charging people and managing the money-make-back until a
point where he decided he was paid back. I trust Al more to be honest about
it, but I'm not sure anything else in the space has been purchased with the
intention of loaning it for payment until such a time when it is free, and
I'm honestly positive that would end poorly for the person who paid
up-front. I also don't really want anyone set up in that kind of predicament
-- what if the money is never re-earned before the equipment is broken, and
how long would it take to make back $500, really?

Plus, if lockers were locked, no one would be able to hound the folks who
leave their personal hygiene products and laundry at the space and throw
that shit out the window [good riddance!] without breaking locks all the
time and effectively making the lockers nothing more than fancy member
shelves with as much privacy as a tupperware container. -- I feel that
granting people the ability to hide their possessions long-term with a lock
would make some of our current problems of people living in the space in an
uncool way even worse, and it gives people an unreasonable idea that people
are going to respect their storage space just because they put a lock on it.
-- If they even PAID for that storage space and someone broke into it
anyway, things would get ugly, and we can't guarantee enough protection to
charge people for it when we teach lockpicking to anyone willing for free
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