[Noisebridge-discuss] Sleeper Problem

Chris C. encryption1 at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 16 20:12:28 UTC 2011

I agree with this also.

You are definitely over-reacting. Also, Lennie never went back to 
Noisebridge that day,
 I know because He was with me that day from 
8am-12, then he has school at 12,
 so you are really tripping and you 
should not even mention Lennie's name period.
 Lennie studies, works, and
 mind his own business. He goes to college and does 
alot of program 
homework in C++, a language that not many know at Noisebridge,
 So he 
utilizes the space in the way it should be utilized, He does not sleep 
 He works late. There are other people that have always been 
sleeping there.
Robert has slept there numerous times. Alex has also.
 Dan, Ramon, others
 that work also like Lennie on there projects.  Lilia
 and her boyfriend usually
 are there all night also, sometimes Mitch and
 other members. If someone
 takes a nap in a chair, that is not sleeping 
there, There is a difference.
 All these people use the space with its 
intended purpose, to hack, learn, prosper.
 You come in with a negative 
spirit and misinterpretation and  attack the ones who love nb
utilize it correctly with all your mental inconsistencys and 
misunderstanding of what the true hacker spirit really is
 and also of 
what it means to be dedicated to succeeding in the information 
 All of the great companys of today....Google, Facebook, 
Salesforce, Microsoft etc.... were coding,
 working non-stop day and 
night to make there companys succeed which is obvious that it worked,
 without someone as yourself, Al, telling them what to do. 
The same 
goes for students of Computer Science, Mathematics, etc...They have to 
 complete programs, crack codes, etc....You Al are harrasing the 
wrong people, and you are beginning to stink and not have an excellent 
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