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Tue Jul 19 19:34:49 UTC 2011

Miloh, your perspective is valid, and I respect it. Thanks for your actions
and intentions. I guess I was just upset at having our radical acceptance of
any kind of social/digital/mechanical hacker be debunked by a type of belief
Anyway, there is clearly a better home for the statue than Noisebridge. I
really appreciate everyone working together to find a solution to whatever
problem they find the statue and its energy incur on the Noisebridge
atmosphere. I, personally, believe the metaphysical realms are inseparable
from our science and hacker-culture. Our personal attachments are valuable
and real. This experience could be vital to hackers as a second view of what
our own beliefs and rituals mean to us and how they effect our reality.

I have learned a lot from Guan Yu already, and even more from Noisebridge;
thanks everyone!

So in the end the statue has gone to a safe place for now? What's the word
on his shrine being resurrected in Church?

On Tue, Jul 19, 2011 at 11:59 AM, miloh <froggytoad at gmail.com> wrote:

> MCT, Rameen, Girlkeek, Jason, and any silent ones contemplating the shrine:
> Before I attempted to sell the shrine, it was used for years as a place to
> store the Noisebridge membership binders.  These binders are vital to the
> way we organize at Noisebridge (our current process is that people become
> steering members of Noisebridge by filling out forms in the binders).  When
> that use was finally deprecated I saw that the shrine could be better used
> by someone else. It was time for the General to continue his journey. This
> meant either giving it away or selling it to benefit Noisebridge (which is
> always struggling financially).  In the end it was given away to someone who
> will appreciate it. The statue really had a good run at Noisebridge; for
> years it sowed contentious discussion about what is appropriate or not at
> Noisebridge, and it narrowly escaped a fate worse than what happened to it
> in the end.
> You see, aside from the idea to give away or sell the shrine, a third
> nuclear shrine option was floated:  Obliterate the Guan Yu statue. I
> certainly didn't want to see the statue and cabinet that someone
> painstakingly crafted go to waste by being destroyed. As I suggested above,
> this is not the first time the nuclear shrine option was raised, Guan Yu
> xiansheng was saved from that fate multiple times over the years.  In the
> end it was really good to get the General to a safe house where it can be
> appreciated more.
> Please be patient and have some perspective with the tides of change at
> Noisebridge.  Is it ironic of me to suggest a that sense of detachment is in
> order?
> We are trying to build a Hackerspace here!  Let's keep working on that!
> yours always, shufflin' with you to keep Noisebridge afloat.
> -rma
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