[Noisebridge-discuss] update on the shrine!

miloh froggytoad at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 18:59:05 UTC 2011

MCT, Rameen, Girlkeek, Jason, and any silent ones contemplating the shrine:

Before I attempted to sell the shrine, it was used for years as a place to
store the Noisebridge membership binders.  These binders are vital to the
way we organize at Noisebridge (our current process is that people become
steering members of Noisebridge by filling out forms in the binders).  When
that use was finally deprecated I saw that the shrine could be better used
by someone else. It was time for the General to continue his journey. This
meant either giving it away or selling it to benefit Noisebridge (which is
always struggling financially).  In the end it was given away to someone who
will appreciate it. The statue really had a good run at Noisebridge; for
years it sowed contentious discussion about what is appropriate or not at
Noisebridge, and it narrowly escaped a fate worse than what happened to it
in the end.

You see, aside from the idea to give away or sell the shrine, a third
nuclear shrine option was floated:  Obliterate the Guan Yu statue. I
certainly didn't want to see the statue and cabinet that someone
painstakingly crafted go to waste by being destroyed. As I suggested above,
this is not the first time the nuclear shrine option was raised, Guan Yu
xiansheng was saved from that fate multiple times over the years.  In the
end it was really good to get the General to a safe house where it can be
appreciated more.

Please be patient and have some perspective with the tides of change at
Noisebridge.  Is it ironic of me to suggest a that sense of detachment is in

We are trying to build a Hackerspace here!  Let's keep working on that!

yours always, shufflin' with you to keep Noisebridge afloat.

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