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Sun Nov 20 06:53:27 UTC 2011

Sometimes communications companies sell land with radio/cell towers and concrete bunkers and random equipment on them at the cheap, like at auction.  Sometimes they're in desirable places, sometimes not. Just a thought.

I think ambient energy harvesting can be added to the power supply list, and while it won't produce as much juice as a crowded city, patching together many different sources of energy is probably a good way to go.

Also, I'm dying to build some earthen houses (have studied it, but don't have land), and want a place to put my 200W 6-node compute cluster and associated self-powered mesh community/environment sensor net, but I don't have anywhere to do these things.

Also, I have a passion for teaching astronomy (esp. navigational astronomy) to city dwellers who never get to see the stars -> and it's a great intro to chemical absorption/emission spectra -> red/blue shifts -> optics and wave mechanics -> signals analysis... which I guess the compute cluster can also come in handy for, since we can then set up some radio observatories and continuously analyze the sky ...

Setting up the plumbing efficiently will also be useful - so that the same furnaces that heat the ovens heat the houses and also run the distillation chambers (we will have distillation chambers, right? say yes.)

I want to play at NoiseLand, and would be happy to share in building and teaching.

(As long as I don't get attacked and kicked out by douchebags for minding my own business while using lights.)

- Brink

On Nov 19, 2011, at 11:46 AM, Erik Schneider wrote:

> Would you all be willing to (provisionally, prospectively) include a
> guy who knows very few of you, even though he has been to Noisebridge
> many times but tends to talk to his computer more than to people, and
> who has no money at all but can do creative arts type stuff easily and
> tech stuff with a little help? I am very interested in intentional
> communities and this one, if it takes off, would be the only one I had
> even a tenuous connection to. I already know that I am amenable to the
> general values of Noisebridge as a social entity.
> Right now I have the Occupy Cough, but I would be grateful if you
> could include me on the mailing list. When I am no longer spewing
> phlegm, I could even come to a meeting, if any!
> Oh, also, when healthy, I can lift heavy things. :)
> Erik
> On Sat, Nov 19, 2011 at 11:36, Liz Henry <liz at bookmaniac.org> wrote:
>> I'm also interested in Noiseland! I've lived in several different
>> co-operative houses, and though I didn't set any of them up, I loved
>> working and living within them. Let's make a Noiseland mailing list to
>> go along with the developing wiki page.
>> - liz
>> On 11/19/11 11:08 AM, Mitch Altman wrote:
>>> I started a commune.  Yup, I did.  I learned an immense amount from
>>> its spectacular, miserable, traumatic failures (though it is still
>>> going on, and many people I have bumped into over the years
>>> (including someone just last night) have told me that they have been
>>> there, and that they loved their experiences visiting there), much of
>>> which I put to good use in discussing and implementing ways for
>>> Noisebridge to have much better chances of success at the ongoing
>>> social experiment that it is (and I'm almost always amazed at how
>>> well Noisebridge succeeds -- better than all my fantasies back before
>>> we started). If folks interested in NoiseLand get together for a
>>> meeting, I'd be happy to share my experiences and what I learned
>>> along the way of starting a commune. Mitch. From:
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>>> [Noisebridge-discuss] NoiseLand
>>> I'd add goal #12 - in order to make it more self-supporting, choose a
>>> craft (or several) that can be easily taught, manufactured on-site,
>>> and exported.
>>>> From reading the wiki, it looks we're expecting a monetary return
>>>> (to "garnish" in order to pay back initial donors). For centuries,
>>>> monks have been paying for imported goods this way, and modern
>>>> intentional communities have picked up on it... One is mentioned
>>>> already in the wiki, and I know of another (Twin Oaks) that
>>>> supported itself in part by selling handmade hammocks to Pier One.
>>>> The Shakers and the Amish also do this.
>>> What can we sell? Repairs? Boats? Specially-designed LED lighting?
>>> Something reasonably interesting and easy, which is desirable and in
>>> line with progressive values. I suggest producing sustainable solar,
>>> wind, and human-powered energy sources. It sounds like solar energy
>>> is of interest, and it's widely seen as exceesively expensive, so we
>>> could start by producing fairly low-cost "plug and play" units. We
>>> could also make bike generators - a longtime interest of mine, though
>>> I have no idea where to get started. Very useful for people to learn,
>>> great to own, and we could easily get donated bikes (regular and
>>> stationary-exercise types), as well as possibly motors of various
>>> types. Newbies can easily help out with one, then more steps of the
>>> process, as they learn about electricity and welding. All these
>>> products are also great to have around in a secluded spot, and
>>> completely quiet - except for the grunting of bicyclists... Of
>>> course, the difficulty is exporting them - but that mainly applies to
>>> the bike generators. Perhaps we could produce kits.
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