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Sun Nov 20 22:38:43 UTC 2011


I fully support OccupySF housing a printer in Noisebridge.  I would
recommend it be setup somewhere between the library and kitchen on
whatever surface the existing printers are currently on.

As to others using it, I think Danny's warning about shared use is on
point.  You might consider putting a note nearby that labels the printer's
origin and primary purpose, then I like to think that the NB community
would be respectful about not turning it into a robot or, more
realistically, wasting all the toner carelessly without replacing it.

I'm also happy to see some of the OccupySF working groups have been using
the space for meetings from time to time.  You are all very welcome by
this dues paying NB member and friend of the 99%.

> Hi Janice,
> Best place for questions like this are noisebridge-discuss
> Almost certainly we do, but you should understand that we don't make any
> guarantees about who or how it will be used if it's in the space. The
> working assumption has to be that tools in the space are for everybody to
> use. I don't think that a laser printer will get turned into a robot
> overnight, but I do think it may be used as a laser printer by others.
> Best,
> d.
> On Sat, Nov 19, 2011 at 9:18 PM, Janice Suess
> <janice3493 at earthlink.net>wrote:
>> Welcoming committee from occupy sf would like to know if you guys have
>> room for a small laser jet printer? And if so is there any way we can
>> know
>> by suday? Thank you!!
>> Janice
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