[Noisebridge-discuss] Paid for cleaners, have they ever come by the space?

Rubin Abdi rubin at starset.net
Tue Nov 22 07:10:04 UTC 2011

Dear Noisebridge, I've had a couple beers and it's now time to tackle my

A little less then a week ago I posted some valid questions regarding
the discussion item of paying cleaners to clean our space onto the
mailing list (quote below) along with the general flag waving of "please
answer my questions so I don't block consensus on the bases of lack of
information". Sadly I haven't seen that happen yet, and we're about 21
hours away from our next general meeting where it seems as though a push
will be made for consensus on this subject.

In a push to get discussion going, to make it a point that participants
of Noisebridge should try to list out major discussion items on the
agenda well before a meeting happens (not at Noisebridge 5 minutes
before the meeting is about to start) so that those of us who want to
participate actually have the option to decide to do so, and in a
signature dick move that you all know and love about me, I'm going to be
blocking consensus on this item until my following questions get fully

I will be at the meeting tomorrow night. If I don't get some solid
answers via the list before then, I will not be in much of a mood to
hear them out at the meeting and will continue to block regardless of
whatever those answers are because I honestly don't feel like proper
discussion has initially happened for this item over the week span we
have in place for consensus items. I'm sorry if this is a downer, and
will be happy to talk about why I'm doing this over some colder than I'm
drinking now beers.

	Rubin, fuck that fucking guy, Starset

Rubin Abdi wrote, On 2011-11-16 12:23:
> Danny has clarified things, the general direction of last night's
> discussion was to push for consensus at our next meeting. If the
> discussion item for the cleaners was listed in the meeting notes a few
> hours prior to the meeting I would have made time to attend the whole
> meeting and to participate in discussion.
> With that being said, as a member of Noisebridge I would like to see my
> prior requests for more information fulfilled (see quoted text) before
> letting this item pass for consensus. It would be great if that could
> get posted here (we're more or less having that discussion right now),
> so this all doesn't get pushed over another week.
> Rubin Abdi wrote, On 2011-11-16 11:28:
>>> It is felt that we should put it up for consensus for a further period,
>>>> this time for six months.
>> My response would be that this can't pass for consensus until someone
>> can outline what cleaning has happened, how much it cost us, and (key
>> point here) how that's improved the space over not paying a cleaners for
>> cleaning service.
> Thanks.

rubin at starset.net

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