[Noisebridge-discuss] Notes for 11/22/11 Meeting

Will Sargent will.sargent at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 06:47:46 UTC 2011

> Noisebridge pays money out of general funds for a cleaner for a continuing
> period of three months at a rate of $145 per month; additionally, Rob will
> do a bi-weeklky declutter, coordinated with the arrival of the cleaning
> people, with lunch paid for by Rubin at a rate of $20 per session;
> additiionally, Ben will clean at the oposite end of the monthly cycle from
> the cleaners, again coordinating with Rob.

For the record and as a CYA move:

I'd like it noted in the minutes that this is a change from the
previously listed consensus item, which was simply for the cleaners at
six months for the same rate, and none of the extra stuff.  I think
the adjustment from six months to three months is reasonable and does
not require bringing it up for consensus again.

The two additional items can be done do-ocratically, and don't involve
a Noisebridge dispersment of funds -- I did raise the point that this
is a charitable interpretation of the original consensus item, but
there is no binding commitment involved on Noisebridge's part so...
what the heck, you can call that a consensus clause if you like.
Rubin & Shannon in vocal support, etc.


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