[Noisebridge-discuss] Update on the cleaners consensus item

Rubin Abdi rubin at starset.net
Wed Nov 23 22:59:11 UTC 2011

Last night through our meeting we established two general problems:

* The space gets dirty with dirt, dust, grime
* The space gets cluttered with stuff, objects, donations

So last night we consented on...

"Noisebridge pays money out of general funds for a cleaner for a
continuing period of three months at a rate of $145 per month;
additionally, Rob will do a bi-weeklky declutter, coordinated with the
arrival of the cleaning people, with lunch paid for by Rubin at a rate
of $20 per session; additiionally, Ben will clean at the oposite end of
the monthly cycle from the cleaners, again coordinating with Rob."

Tackling problem 1, dirt and grime:

The idea is that we're doing to do another 3 months experiment with the
paid for cleaning service. Will is going to notify the general group
about when the cleaners will arrive and do their thing, in order to give
us Noisebridgers a chance to come by and actually see if the cleaning is
up to our standard of excellence. The cleaners come by once a month.

While that experiment is going on, Ben (who's contact info I would
appreciate) also wanted to try a volunteer cleaning force derived
through Noisebridge to cleanse the space. This experiment will happen
between the paid for cleaning service, once a month (so let's say about
2 weeks after the paid for cleaners come by).

Tackling problem 2, clutter and a generally messy space:

Rob stepped up to spear head a general effort to clean and organize the
space of cluttery objects for a few hours every couple of weeks. He
wanted to use general Noisebridge funds or donations to buy food to feed
whoever wants to help with this effort. This clutter cleaning will
happen the day before we have our dirt and grime cleaners come in (paid
and volunteer ones), as to make their time in the space more effective
(so twice a month).

This is basically another experiment (like the one we just did for 3
months) but this time to give folks a chance to observe what method
works better for the space.

Additionally it sounded like Rob wanted to create some documentation on
what to clean when and how. I pointed out that much of that is already
on the wiki...


I'm planning to give Rob $20 for every cleaning day (twice a month) for
food to feed those who help. I would appreciate anyone else who decides
to chip in.

There was a bit of discussion about leaving notes on the walls around
spots in the space that could get cleaned more often, for people to
notice and possibly help with. Some talk about providing cleaning tools
and devices in areas that could use them (such as the bathroom), to
prompt even more adhoc cleaning.

Also some folks from Metalab talked about their 10 minutes of cleaning
that happens around 23:45 every night (before their subway stops
running). Lights starts blinking all crazy, everyone knows its clean up
time. Works really well.

I feel the next steps are...

* Will to give us the date of which the paid for cleaners will come next
* Rob to come up with a cleaning plan and find volunteers
* Ben to also come up with a cleaning plan and volunteers

I really like the discussion that's already happening on the mailing
list about funding cleaning, and hope that continues.

Hope this is all fairly clear. :)

rubin at starset.net

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