[Noisebridge-discuss] Call for Help: I need a logo for OccupyMyForeclosure.org

Ken Adler ken.adler at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 23:06:40 UTC 2011

Hi artsy NBers....

Looking for a logo for a new site that I am putting up ...
www.OccupyMyForeclosure.org .

Anyone wanna help me out with a Logo?  Doesn't have to be anything fancy.
 I suck at design/art.

*Background on the site/project:*

The short-term intent of the site is to help in the recruitment of current
homeowners that are willing to invite Occupy Oakland to occupy their yards.
 The idea is if the homeowner is making no headway in getting their loan
modified, that they will want to have the occupation as a way to draw
attention to their problem and put pressure on the bank to negotiate in
good faith.

The obvious win for the Occupiers is that the police will not be able to
evict the encampment so quickly if it is on private property.

I am currently working with the National Lawyers Guild and Bruce
NACA <https://www.nacalynx.com/nacaweb/economicJustice/ejOverview.aspx> to
help us find the first few local homeowners willing to invite occupiers in.

I also have www.OccupyForeclosures.org  and plan to have that be a more
general site that also deals with occupying bank-owned properties... but
first things first... want to focus on going into places where we are
invited and thus dont have to worry about being kicked out of.

Ken Adler
510-290-5806 (cell)
Ken at adler.net
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