[Noisebridge-discuss] [Build] Wall building

miloh froggytoad at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 18:18:49 UTC 2011

Jim, are there already lighting circuits connected in the 6' wall boxes the
Turing CAVE? Sorry if I'm not up to speed with this -- it will be easy to
fix up lights for Turing if so!  There's a light switch on light flex
sitting on a table in there already...

Anyone working on electical:  please follow the conventions jim set up so
everyone is on the same page --->
     receptacles on black circuits
     lights/fans on red circuits

I couldn't find the original references to this but there's the RFC re: the
bathroom buildout

Noisebridge electrical RFC

and reference information on panel location and wiring info:


(henceforth referring to the noisebridge rooms as CAVEs)
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