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jim jim at well.com
Sun Nov 27 19:15:16 UTC 2011

    (apologies for the length--"didn't have time to write 
a short one.) 

    we should not connect a switch to flex; we should use 
conduit instead--use flex for ceiling areas and other 
places where people can't get at it. 

    In the Turing "cave", there is conduit running around 
the tops of the existing walls. In the conduit are (mainly) 
three wires: one black, one white, one red. they are all 
    the white is a common return for both the black and 
the red. 
    the black powers the receptacles in the room. 
    the red is supposed to provide power for lights. as 
things are now, the red is supplying power to a receptacle, 
just outside of the cave, that is being used for the coffee 
and hot water makers on the table that was against the 
wall (the receptacle should be apparent about eight feet 
east of the turing doorway and about 18 inches off the floor. 
    all three wires a powered from a box in the north wall 
very near the floor. the wires coming from the wall have 
tags that specify the circuit breakers in the north sub-
    (note that our collective habit of using the circuit 
breakers to turn on lights will, as of yesterday, not work.) 

light plan summary: 
    in the turing classroom, face the south entrance and you 
should see a junction box above and to the left of the entrance. 
    the idea is to run conduit to a new switch box on the wall 
and to a new ceiling junction box. 

switch box: 
    one new red wire in the conduit to the switch connects the 
existing red wire and one lug of the switch; a second new red 
wire in the conduit connects the other switch lug to the lights. 

light fixtures: 
    both fluorescent light fixtures should get power from flex 
tails (like all the other such light fixtures), and the two flex 
tails should connect to a new junction box that we put on the 
ceiling, between the two light fixtures. 
    we must run conduit from the existing box to the new 
junction box and in that conduit run the red from the switch and 
also a white that ties to the existing white to the new ceiling 
junction box. 
    in the new ceiling junction box we connect the white to the 
white in each flex tail and connect the red to the black in each 
flex tail. 

    NOTE: for the Church cavelet there are circuits ready to bring 
from the (horrid) little box in the north wall of the turing room 
through some more conduit to provide power for receptacles and 
lights for Church-goers. 

    NOTE: for the dirty workshop, it seems best to me that we 
bring power for receptacles and lights from the sub-panel that's 
already in the dirty workshop (on the west wall). 
    As things are, the dirty workshop power comes from the north 
sub-panel. if we change to use power from the sub-panel, we'll 
be drawing from the north west primary sub-panel. The thing to 
be aware of is that the north sub-panel (top of stairs) connects 
to one main supply in the basement and the north west primary 
sub-panel connects to a different main supply in the basement. 
I believe PG&E bills those two separately; they certainly can if 
we negotiate it. In the future we may want to be mindful of the 
billing implications. 
    Duty required that I explain. 
    I say use the sub-panel in the dirty workshop to power the 
dirty workshop and to hell with the future. 

On Sun, 2011-11-27 at 10:18 -0800, miloh wrote:
> Jim, are there already lighting circuits connected in the 6' wall
> boxes the Turing CAVE? Sorry if I'm not up to speed with this -- it
> will be easy to fix up lights for Turing if so!  There's a light
> switch on light flex sitting on a table in there already...
> Anyone working on electical:  please follow the conventions jim set up
> so everyone is on the same page --->  
>      receptacles on black circuits
>      lights/fans on red circuits
> I couldn't find the original references to this but there's the RFC
> re: the bathroom buildout 
> Noisebridge electrical RFC 
> https://www.noisebridge.net/pipermail/build/2010-August/000770.html
> and reference information on panel location and wiring info:
> https://www.noisebridge.net/pipermail/build/2010-August/000772.html
> -rma
> (henceforth referring to the noisebridge rooms as CAVEs) 

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