[Noisebridge-discuss] Pololu order: Noisedrone vector compass / magnetometer / accelerometer

Jake jake at spaz.org
Sun Nov 27 23:46:11 UTC 2011

Dear Sean, or whoever is ordering from Pololu

I want two of these for christmas:
LSM303DLH Compass and Accelerometer Carrier

They are $15 with the discount you mentioned below.  I'll pay.

Is anyone else ordering from Pololu?  If not, I will do it myself.

We need this for the noisedrone, which will need to know which way is 
north and which way is down.


Sean Cusack wrote:

Keep you ass out of the giant malls this holiday, and help out the cool
kids at polulu. I just found out that they have some pretty stellar black
Friday deals going on right now (until Monday!)

For the impatient, they've got a dual H bridge arduino shield for $30, 
sweet step-up/step-down converters, and my newest fascination - the
Wixel...a TI based microcontroller that gives you about 15 GPIOs with an 
transciever built for $20 retail...$10 till Monday!

You'll need the coupons and info on this page to getz the dealz


Xoxo -

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