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Shannon Lee shannon at scatter.com
Mon Nov 28 04:29:14 UTC 2011

Hi Noisebridge,

The walls around both classrooms and the shop have been extended to the

Sheetrocking is complete; mudding & taping was ongoing when I left a couple
of hours ago, but everything was winding down, and I suspect that it's done
for the night; when last I looked, Church and Turing were mudded, and much
of the outside was mudded; the shop still needs to be mudded inside and
out.  I will likely not be back to this until this weekend, but anyone else
who wants to mud is more than welcome to do so; and of course, after
mudding comes sanding, and after sanding comes...


We bought a 5 gallon bucket of primer, which I plan to put up sometime,
maybe next weekend; but honestly, we really, really don't need any more
vast expanses of white walls.  Someone who has a Vision of what the walls
should look like, and the artistic skill to execute said vision, should
make them be something other than white.  We really need some color on
those walls.  Murals are totally welcome, simple non-white color schemes
are equally welcome, but someone for God's sake do something.

Power and Lights:

Turing and Church are without light.  The shop has the light over the
central work bench, and during the day is well-served by its skylight, but
at night it's very dark. The neon lighting which has been serving the
classrooms and the shop was in two long banks of lights which ran
continuously over the three rooms; they had to be broken up in order to
allow for walls to be installed.  I understand that there's a plan in place
to make the remaining lights light up; Jim even expressed a revolutionary
idea whereby the lights in a particular room would be controlled by a
switch *in that room* so that the people occupying the room could control
their need for artifical light.

The power rail above the table in the shop is still powered; the rail has
been removed from Church and Turing -- again, to make way for walls.
 Turing is well-served by its own 20-amp circuit and a *lot* of outlets at
various convenient leves; Chuch, however, currently has no power of any
kind.  I believe there is a plot afoot to power it, as well as to mount a
projector and projector screen back there.

If you'd like to be involved in getting power and lights where power and
lights should go, I refer you to Jim's missive on the topic in a previous
email thread, as well as to Jim, SuperQ and Miloh, who are all variously
working on this stuff.


Doors are needed for the shop, and possibly for Turing and the
Turing-Church Intra-Classroom Door.  The big doorway leading to the shop
needs (ideally) double swinging doors, of the type you find in restraunt
kitchen and hospital settings; the other doors should all (in the best of
all possible worlds) have portholes, or windows, or be made of glass,
because nobody wants to have their class or meeting constantly interrupted
by people opening the door to see if anybody's in there.  SuperQ is at work
on the door problem; feel free to contact him.

Lots of people showed up this weekend to help out, more than I can name
here, but including a one-armed Bandit, a small army of purple-haired
women, and an stray 9-year-old girl who came in with her parents after
having heard Mitch on NPR and was put to work mudding.  Kaya deserves a
special shout-out for the use of her truck for hauling everything; Danny
for getting this moving, and for paying for a lot of it; and Jurgen and
Zack for basic unflappability.

As I said, many more people were involved to one extent or another, and I
can think of at least one person whose name I've just flat forgotten; thank
you to all of you for having shown up and Just Done It when it needed to
Just Be Done.

There is more still to Just Do; if you want a task, just ask, and one shall
be given.


Shannon Lee
(503) 539-3700

"Any sufficiently analyzed magic is indistinguishable from science."
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