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Wed Nov 30 03:23:58 UTC 2011

Looking for a way to brighten your spirits and wanting to chill out and
warm up at the same time? Come to FLG's holiday party this Saturday which
will feature some of our artwork (unfortunately not on fire due to the
indoor nature of this party), framed art prints of our sculptures, schwag
that has been hand-silk screened by the girls, and gorgeous limited-edition
ornaments and candle holders cut out of metal on our CNC plasma cutter. But
although we hope you'll help support us by buying our art and craft work,
this isn't a muzak-dominated mall-shopping experience, this is a
gallery-opening type celebration with DJs spinning great beats that will
warm you to the core.

Unfortunately I won't be at this event, but I'm sad to miss it, it looks
like it's going to be awesome. I've been at the shop helping out with
things, so I've gotten a bit of a preview of what we're planning for that
night and what goodies we'll have for sale.

While we won't have fire there, we will have some sculptures and lots of
pictures, so you'll be able to reminisce if you have seen our stuff or get
an idea of what we do if you haven't. I also heard that it's the same night
as the Google party, just a few blocks away, so if you happen to be going
to that, why not pop over to SomArts before you head home.

This show is called "In the Red" because we're still in a lot of debt from
building Tympani, our giant flaming model of the inner ear. It's a gorgeous
piece, but 26,000 pounds of metal is not cheap. If you weren't at Burning
Man, you can see an excellent video here that does a good job of capturing
the various elements of the sculpture:


There is fire on two arches, some of it controlled by buttons on the ground
that spectators can push (we're selling highly polished aluminum replicas
of these buttons at the fundraiser--using the same sand casting process we
used for the originals). Another arch has Arduino-controlled LEDs. We are
bringing the Cochlea (the spiral thing) to the party, and although it won't
have fire, you'll get to see it up close in all of its beautifully
TIG-welded glory. Towards the end of the video, you'll see a giant plume
coming out of it, that's methanol, a liquid fuel. We used chemical
colorants to turn the flame green, orange, or pink.

The forced air flame effect that sounds like a jet engine is called the
BST--we affectionately named it the Big Scary Thing and if you were near it
when it was running, you'll understand why. It's powered by three leaf
blowers--but you won't see this one in suburbia! A good sweeping of the
shop provided some metal dust that was periodically released and ignited to
make the sparks.

A lot of hard work and a lot of love went into this sculpture and although
we gave of those things freely, a lot of money also went into producing
this piece of art and unfortunately that's not free. We need to pay back
what we've borrowed to bring beautiful giant metal flaming art into the
world. Thanks for helping us do that.


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Just a reminder that the Flaming Lotus Girls are having our annual
gallery show and holiday party this Saturday Dec 3 at Somarts, 934
Brannan Street.  Don't forget to RSVP here:

World-renowned fire art sculpture mavens the Flaming Lotus Girls
announce an evening of art and revelry:

In the Red - Flaming Lotus Girls Gallery Show
Saturday December 3rd
SomArts, 934 Brannan Street, SF
6.00PM – 2.00AM.
Free to attend. Donations encouraged.

You need more art.  You want the Flaming Lotus Girls spread across
your wall, 24/7. Yes you do. And so do your friends. Come to our
photography show, buy our signed archival prints and have a damn fine
evening of dancing with Ambient Mafia and the Space Cowboys DJs.


Music by
Space Cowboys DJs:
Erik Hz

Ambient Mafia:
Olde Nasty (Butterzone / Ambient Mafia)
DJ Unagi (WoM / Ambient Mafia)
Redstickman (FnF / Ambient Mafia)
Mo Corleone (Want It! / Ambient Mafia)

Sound Generously Provided by Want It! (https://www.facebook.com/CampWantIt)

In the Red features: a gallery show with large limited edition signed
archival prints on metal and standard framed prints, Flaming Lotus
Girls art, Space Cowboys DJs and the Ambient Mafia and FLG 2012
calendar autographs and lipstick kisses plus schwag-galore.

Burning Man is long past; we’re all dust free and are IN THE RED.
(This means we’re up to our lipsticked lips in debt!) .

Help get us out of the red. Come support the Flaming Lotus Girls on
Saturday Dec 3, and help us get out of the red.

With love and lipstick kisses,

Flaming Lotus Girls

About us:
The Flaming Lotus Girls are a female-driven, San Francisco-based group
of artists who have been making kinetic, mechanical fire art since
2000. Our work is composed of steel, stainless steel, copper, glass,
wood, light, and fire – and stands at the intersection of sculpture,
kinetics, robotics, pyrotechnics, and electronic technology. Our
flames blaze in sizes ranging from 2 inches to over 150 feet. We
create interactive large-scale installations that engage viewers and
invite them to become part of the art.

In the Red is presented at SOMArts Cultural Center as part of the
Affordable Space Program, which is supported by the San Francisco Arts
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