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On Fri, Apr 6, 2012 at 1:12 PM, Caitlyn Meeks-Ferragallo <
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> There's been an open and repeated request at meeting to help out with
>> treasury duties. Claudia and Kelly have been doing a pretty good job
>> resolving who and who isn't up on dues, but it's a painful process because
>> our current accounting software isn't really geared to it. Emailtreasurer at noisebridge.net to offer to help.
> 1. Get a spreadsheet like open office's spreadsheet system
> 2. Save it as Noisebridge Dues April 2012
> 3. Put the name of all registered members on the first column
> 4. When you get a Paypal email at treasurer at noisebridge.com, note it in a
> column next to the name.
> 5. Cull through last month's spreadsheet and look for people who haven't
> got a payment next to it
> Yours,
> Mistress of the Obvious

Ugh, that sounds like a pretty painful process. Looks like it just about
doubles the amount of work for monitoring dues payments, not counting
actually nudging non-payers. Sorry it's got to be done. Thanks for doing it.
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