[Noisebridge-discuss] help! dell latitude XT running ubuntu - suspend doesn't work

Ben Kochie superq at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 00:31:48 UTC 2012

If you feel brave, 12.04 lts is almost done.

Also +1 to Miloh's suggestion of using the 3.0 kernel backport
On Apr 9, 2012 1:15 PM, "Jake" <jake at spaz.org> wrote:

> I have a dell latitude XT which is a swivel-screen laptop with a stylus.
> I heard that Ubuntu worked with the tablet and so i deleted windows (which
> wasn't working anyway) and put Ubuntu 10.04 on it and it seems to work..
> BUT suspend and hibernate totally don't work right.  This is a problem
> because portable computers have to be unplugged and put away sometimes.
> If anyone will be at noisebridge tonight who can help, please let me know.
> I'll bring this <S>piece of shit</S> wonderful computer with me and maybe
> we can get suspend to work.
> What it does is, suspends but then wakes right back up (even though it's
> closed), or sometimes just ignores the suspend command, or sometimes stays
> suspended (but could awake at any time even though it's closed).
> Even if it does stay suspended until i open it, when it comes up it's
> always either a black screen or black and white stripes.  Usually I can
> get it to come back by pressing control-alt-F1 and then alt-F7, but
> sometimes it takes a minute.  Then the caps lock is on, and sometimes it
> thinks the alt or control or shift keys are stuck (until i press them) and
> the digitizer doesn't work with touch until i pull out the stylus and use
> it first.
> I have done lots of reading online about this but it seems Dell just
> didn't make enough of these things for people to care all that much.
> It is also possible that this particular unit has some problem with power
> management, but I have no way to know because I don't know how to debug
> that kind of thing.
> If i could fix one thing about it, it would be to just fucking stay
> suspended when i tell it to suspend, until i press the fucking power
> button to wake it up.
> thanks for your help
> -jake
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