[Noisebridge-discuss] payphone at gate

Jake jake at spaz.org
Wed Apr 11 13:36:32 UTC 2012

you may have noticed a payphone bolted to the gate.  it is a numeric 
keypad connected to minotaur through a long blue serial cable.
it is for access control or whatever the software does with it.

if you need to open it, for example to access the mounting hardware, 
please contact superq ben somehow for the key.

his email is superq at gmail dot com

i will be out of the california until 4/28

the blue cable which connects the payphone was cut along with a bunch of 
other wires by oogles upset at being kicked out of the space. 
unfortunately there is no video of them.

when repairing this section of blue cat5, be careful because there is 12v 
in a couple of the wires, and if you short them the power supply on 
minotaur will probably shut down.  you can disconnect the cat5 from the 
12v by unplugging it where it connects to minotaur, it's a RJ45 connector 
being adapted to DB9 serial with yellow and black wires going in for the 

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