[Noisebridge-discuss] drill press table

Rebecca Bellovin rmbellov at math.stanford.edu
Wed Apr 11 20:02:55 UTC 2012

On Wed, 11 Apr 2012 09:03:50 -0700
John Magolske <listmail at b79.net> wrote:

> * Rebecca Bellovin <rmbellov at math.stanford.edu> [120411 07:24]:
> > Does anyone know what happened to the drill press table?  I came in
> > earlier today to try to drill some holes, but I did not see the
> > table anywhere in the shop.
> Are you referring to the cast-iron base of the drill press which is
> (was?) bolted onto the wood workbench and into which the column is
> mounted? If so, is the drill press just laying on it's side now?

No, I'm referring to the table which is supposed to attach to the
column; it's supposed to be perpendicular to the bit, and you put
whatever it is you're drilling on the table.  See, for example, the
circular table in the picture here:


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