[Noisebridge-discuss] Front gate is broken

Alan Rockefeller alanrockefeller at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 03:54:08 UTC 2012

> Please stop smoking crack when you post.

I do not smoke crack.

> We all know that Robert does not kick out sketchy people, he invites them
to Noisebridge and then brings them to his house to sleep and shower.

Last night there were 2 sketchy people who showed up with a laptop that
needed its bios password cracked.  Robert suspected that it was stolen and
told them to leave.  One minute later, they left.

> Alan, I think you're smoking crack.

I wouldn't smoke crack if it was free.

> The blue cord was cut weeks ago, along with the doorbell. Remember when
Nick & Nick fixed it? They didn't solder the blue cable because no one was
using it, and no one still is.

Oh, I thought it was cut again.

The door is working well now and I can't push my way in anymore.   Maybe it
just needed oil.   I think it needs oil every month or 2.
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