[Noisebridge-discuss] Make:SF in may - Making your Arduino Based Product

Malcolm Knapp malcolm.knapp at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 16:09:16 UTC 2012

Hello Noisebridge,

If any of you are interested in making a product with Arduino come to our
next meetings to find out how. Follow the links to sign up.

May 2nd @ Techliminal

May 8th @ TechShop SF

Hello Makers,

This month we will be having our meetup on Wednesday May 2nd and we are
have a really cool speaker for you. Ever wondered how you can make a
product using Arduino? Well Brian Burling, the man behind
can answer all your questions because he has done just that.
<http://emotimo.com/>eMotimo is
a line of multi-axis motion controlled DSLR mounts and all of it is based
around an Arduino Uno. Learn everything from licensing Arduino based
products, to integrating Wii-mote control into your device, and to doing
production runs at TechShop <http://techshop.ws/>. Its all here and I know
I want to learn more :) Go check out the the
come with lots of questions.

eMotimo PT

After the talk, for those interested and over 21, there will Make:SF happy
hour! Get to know other makers, find people to collaborate with, and find
out what you should see at Maker Faire.

Oh yes, that reminds me, we will be at Maker Faire so come stop by and say
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