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Danny O'Brien danny at spesh.com
Thu Apr 26 00:24:47 UTC 2012

On Wed, Apr 25, 2012 at 5:08 PM, Martin Bogomolni <martinbogo at gmail.com>wrote:

> Unfortunately, as I've found out, the hack shelves (even if clearly
> labeled) are not a safe place to store things anymore either... and
> certainly not if they are trivially consumable, easily fungible, or
> the least bit useful.
> I've tested the theory by leaving behind a small bottle of my flavored
> vodka every time I travel.  Invariably, they have been taken.   For
> years, I left things like servers, a game console, that kind of thing
> on the shelves.  Just after the hack shelf move, things changed.
> I don't bother trying to keep projects on the shelves anymore.  I just
> take anything even vaguely useful home now.
Yeah, I think that tradition has broken slightly in general (also we had
the wobbly moment a month or so ago, although that appears to be clearing
out now). And God, we need to clear out those shelves. I think it helps now
we've pretty much definitively settled who is and who isn't a member.

I talked to Maestro a bit today about this. We disagreed about the issue of
how best to protect things (I think there's a long-brewing disconnect
between the idea that you can keep stuff at NB and if it's labelled, it
will be mostly safe, and the "everything has to be hackable" idea -- it's
definitely being stressed at the moment due to a large-scale space
rearrangement). BUT we agreed about maybe trying to a) renew the protection
meme by having stuff red-taped, and b) the old solution of lockers. I
honestly don't think anyone is going to complain about on ideological
grounds anymore (nb-discuss is definitely the place to find out whether
that's true), but nobody has fundraised for it.

I think we could combine clearing out the shelves and getting lockers, we'd
have to do it carefully, and it would take a few weeks at the very least of
reaching out very widely to people who aren't members but who have stuff,
but it could be done. I'd like to do it.



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