[Noisebridge-discuss] A consideration for access schemes: Non-member with no phone?

Jay Reynolds Freeman jay_reynolds_freeman at mac.com
Thu Feb 9 23:08:11 UTC 2012

I am not a Noisebridge member, but visit at the long-term average rate of perhaps twice a month.  I usually put $5 or $10 in the donation box and also donate some food -- I am the person who brings big packages of Mexican animal crackers.  I don't think I have ever arrived after 7 PM so I am not likely to be bothered by late-night arrival restrictions.

I do have an odd possible problem with some of the proposals:  I don't own a portable 'phone.  I have plenty of hacker credentials, but I have never considered a portable 'phone worth the cost of the data plan.  I hope any access scheme the community chooses has some way for a person like me to obtain daylight admission.  I generally know at least six hours in advance that I intend to visit Noisebridge, and at that time I can usually specify a (say) two-hour window in which I would be arriving.

--  Jay Reynolds Freeman
Jay_Reynolds_Freeman at mac.com
http://web.mac.com/jay_reynolds_freeman (personal web site)

PS:  I am *not* the "Jay" you had some kind of problem with a few months ago; that was another person with the same first name.

PPS:  What I do at Noisebridge includes (1) attend occasional classes and events, (2) sit and drink coffee while I check my EMail and surf the web, and (3) write a little code on my portable.

PPPS:  The three reasons why Real Geeks never own portable 'phones are:

  (3) No portable 'phone is heavy enough to serve as a 
      paperweight on a Real Geek's physical desktop.

  (2) Real Geeks have much better software on their
      laptops, and they take their laptops everywhere.

      ... and the winner -- the envelope, please ...

  (1) Real Geeks don't have any friends, so nobody calls.

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