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Justin Doerr justinsfca at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 06:03:02 UTC 2012

I'd like to actually make a reflection about the current status quo of
Noisebridge. The drama seems to be decreasing, at least from my point of
view. It's as if the storm has calmed. The thing is there is and always
will be drama but it's up to you or I to actually be more open to
communication with one another and less fearful. I feel a lot better,
because... well people who are always constantly staring at LED screens are
finally talking, and I'm realizing that I'm not perfect and don't aspire to
be and I'm sure I've managed to piss people off. Feel free if you know me,
to give me open and constructive criticism, it's what I feel is the
respectable thing to do. It's as if now I see all these introverts are
chatting and talking now to the point where now I'm starting to see myself
staring at a screen ridiculously quiet all the time, and I'm enjoying it.

Another thing. We often forget and lose control of our emotions naturally
as human beings. We rant, rave, and therefore as a result, make less
pragmatic decisions. We put a lot of responsibility in other individuals
being the cause and/or root of all of our drama, when in all actuality it's
all on ourselves how we decide to behave toward one another.

I've public announced and proclaimed for myself, and anyone and everyone
feel free to agree or disagree.... Noisebridge is going to successfully
lead its way out of an exodus from what appears to be a lot of drama to
much less drama. Peace will reach it's maximum point as long as those of us
who care about the hackerspace and open education will take the initiative
to be appreciative, importantly to ourselves and to others. Those of us who
come here a lot, or were there on Sat, we're all a little traumatized, but
I personally feel this isn't a question that logic can answer, as I
personally feel it's more of a question of faith. I hope I make sense to
someone, lol. Either way, I encourage everyone please "stop chasing shadows
and just enjoy the ride."


- Justin Patrick Doerr
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