[Noisebridge-discuss] Upstairs door latch mechanism?

Jake jake at spaz.org
Fri Feb 10 10:34:39 UTC 2012

I guess a bunch of people have been talking about latching or locking the 
upstairs door.

Are you people crazy?  Don't you realize that by the time someone is 
upstairs they feel as though they are practically inside the space 

If you can't turn someone away at the sidewalk, and they get to the top of 
the stairs, it is only going to make them angry if you refuse to let them 
in.  It is going to create more conflict, not less, especially if you use 
the smarmy little porthole to shield yourself while refusing to let 
someone in while someone else comes up behind you and second-guesses your 
decision in front of the person.

have you ever been at a teller window (post office for example) where the 
clerk, who is telling you NO you can't have what you came here for, is 
isolated behind a 2" thick piece of lexan with a tiny little breathing 
hole where you're supposed to talk and listen through?  Do you remember 
feeling hostility toward that person and wondering what you would do if 
you could reach through the little hole and strangle them?

well that's whats going to happen to you if you try to keep people out at 
the top of the stairs, because eventually someone is going to open the 
door and that person is going to come in anyway, and be pissed at you.

We need to focus on bouncing people at the sidewalk door.  If you are 
having trouble understanding this concept, please ask some people whose 
opinion you trust before continuing with this idea of locking the upstairs 


Casey Callendrello wrote:

Hi there.
The upstairs door is already keyed with the A-key. However, the latch
mechanism has been removed. Does anyone know where it is?

If not, I'll try to order a new one. The crash bar is a "Von Duprin 44".
However, these parts are surprisingly expensive and hard to track down.


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