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Brink of Complexity brink.0x3f at gmail.com
Sat Feb 11 01:21:31 UTC 2012

Has an intercom option already been discussed, or did I miss something?

Even an automated intercom would be cool -- a robot voice that replies to the buzzer with "Welcome to Noisebridge. What will you hack today?" , allowing the visitor's response to be audible to anyone in the vicinity of the upstairs gate button before they are buzzed in, and the possibility of continuing a two-way conversation at the discretion of the people upstairs.  

- Brink

On Feb 10, 2012, at 5:17 PM, Jake wrote:

> the answer to your very valid question is that at least with the video at 
> the door, people can make an informed decision whether to let someone in 
> or not.  If the person looking at the monitor decides that it's a fine 
> time to invite a young oogle with his backpack & dog into the space, they 
> can decide to buzz them in.
> if the person in the space doesn't think it's a good time, because there 
> were recently problems with that sort of thing, they have the option of 
> deciding not to buzz the person in.
> ants, being very social creatures, have a great method for deciding what 
> food to bring home.  When an ant finds a food they like, they bring it 
> home (in their stomach) and leave a trail of tiny deposits of the food 
> leading back to where they found it.
> When an ant is leaving the nest in search of food, they can sample the 
> various trails leading away from the nest and use their own judgement as 
> to which trails to follow, or which to ignore.
> We at noisebridge have the option to do the same;  make our own decisions 
> about who we let in, based on our own judgement and knowledge.
> By the way, please remember that the alternative to the video monitor is 
> having ZERO visual information about who is buzzing the door.
> -jake
> Claudia wrote:
> Excluding the couple of people who have been ostracized by consesus
> meeting......
> In the history of Noisebridge how many people have been refused entry?
> My guess is maybe 2.
> What about video at the door is going to convince anyone upstairs to
> refuse entry to a young oogle with his backpack & dog in tow?
> -Claudia
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